The most widely used ozone technology
throughout the military, law enforcement
and sports.

"I liked the machine so much I purchased two myself. When we run the team's equipment through it, they just love it and continually ask for it to be done again and again."

- Bert Godin - Head Equipment Manager, St-Louis Blues™/®

"The Los Angeles Dodgers were the first team in MLB to use the VE. We use it regularly in our home clubhouse in the training room, weight room, and locker room areas. We have found this machine to be extremely useful in our facility."

 - Los Angeles Dodgers™/® Medical Staff / Nancy Patterson Flynn, Athletic Trainer, Los Angeles Dodgers™/®

"The machine has been extremely helpful in terms of protecting our players' equipment. We also find that the equipment itself lasts longer and is in better condition because of the Sani Sport Treatment."

- Rip Simonick - Head Equipment Manager, Buffalo Sabres™/®

"Using the Sani Sport machine this past year has allowed me to be proactive in the fight against MRSA. The machine is very user friendly and allows me to treat equipment on a daily basis. I recommend the Sani Sport for everyone interested."

 - Brad Melland - Head Equipment Manager, Cleveland Browns™/®

"I have found the Sani Sport machine to be the most effective way to treat our equipment. Our players are very appreciative of this technology, as it helps keep them on the field."

 - Red Batty - Head Equipment Manager, Green Bay Packers™/®

"The Sani Sport has been great for our players. We evaluated all the machines and technologies and the Sani sport is by far the one that's best for our equipment and our players. It's the only machine that we trust."

- Pierre Gervais - Head Equipment Manager, Montreal Canadiens™/®

"The Sanisport technology is truly impressive and we agree with you that it can revolutionize the industry."

- Steve Hatze Petros - Vice President of NHL, Scheduling, Operations & Research

  • 12minutes-cycle
    12 minute
    ozone cycle

    Reduces bacteria and
    foul odors
  • extends-life
    Extends life of

    Helmets, boots, body
    armour and more!
  • waterless-system

    No piping, drains or extra
  • stainless-steel

    and rust proof


Sani Sport

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