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Harmful Bacteria on Your Sports Equipment

You may not think that bacteria on hockey equipment and football equipment are serious issues. Truthfully, no athlete is safe from harmful bacteria. These quotes are for those of you who need another perspective on the dangerous bacteria that live on hockey equipment and sports gear.

“In each of the last three years, more MRSA-infected people have checked into the hospital than either HIV-positive or influenza-afflicted patients, combined”
- The Atlantic

“A USA TODAY investigation shows that C. diff is far more prevalent than federal reports suggest. The bacteria is linked in hospital records to more than 30,000 deaths a year in the United States— about twice federal estimates and rivaling the 32,000 killed in traffic accidents. It strikes about a half-million Americans a year.”
- USA Today

“Staph has been spread in locker rooms by towel snapping. If he's got turf burn on his leg and you've got the bacteria on the towel, he can become infected.”
- Men’s Health

“All athletes are predisposed to the bug because they have close contact with one another in locker rooms. They share equipment, and, of course, collision sports lead to abrasions and open the skin, which provides a portal of entry for bacteria.”
- Men’s Journal

“Even the NFL has had its share of problems: players such as Kenyatta Walker of the Tampa Bay Buccanneers and Junior Seau and Charles Rodgers of the Miami Dolphins reportedly have been hospitalized with serious MRSA infections.”
- ABC News

You can do a few simple things at home to reduce the harmful bacteria on your sports equipment. The best thing to do is air out your hockey equipment after each use. It is also incredibly important to cover up any cuts you might have. This will prevent the bacteria on your football equipment or hockey equipment from entering your bloodstream. You should also seek out a sports equipment cleaning machine in your area.

Sani Sport is an ozone cleaning system that significantly reduces bacteria in sports equipment.
Sani Sport is the sport cleaning machine used by 27 NHL teams and 15 NFL Teams.

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sports equipment cleaningfootball equipment cleaningmilitary equipment cleaning