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Many High School football programs hand down football equipment from year to year. This is often times due to the cost associated with the football helmets and football pads. However, not everyone realizes the danger with such a procedure. Surely, the equipment managers clean the football equipment – but to what extent?

Football helmets harbour a high level of bacteria due to the warm, wet and confined environment. This means that cleaning football helmets is paramount – especially if they are shared or will be passed down to other players. Not only will a football helmet start to smell, if not cleaned properly, but it can transfer lice, staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria. A football helmet is meant to protect the player, but the dangers associated with not properly caring for your football equipment are often overlooked.

Football pads also harbour significant bacteria as well and have the potential to be highly dangerous if they come into direct contact with the skin. Given that football is a contact sport, players likely have cuts or abrasions which can act as a port of entry for bacteria. This is a huge deterrent for sharing football pads as this acts as a method of transferring harmful bacteria from one football player to another. In terms of cleaning football shoulder pads, you can wipe down the plastic parts with a disinfectant. However, it is near impossible to completely disinfect football pads at home given the different materials.

The solution is to simply find a Sani Sport location near you. Sani Sport is the ultimate ozone sports machine to clean football helmets and clean football pads. The Sani Sport machine will help to minimize the potential for contracting serious infections!

Sani Sport is an ozone cleaning system that significantly reduces bacteria in sports equipment.
Sani Sport is the sport cleaning machine used by 27 NHL teams and 15 NFL Teams.

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sports equipment cleaningfootball equipment cleaningmilitary equipment cleaning