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Sani Sport VE

Ozone Cleaning Machine for Enclosed Spaces

Significantly reduce harmful bacteria in enclosed spaces including:
  - locker rooms
  - fitness facilities
  - waiting areas

The Sani Sport VE will sanitize ambient air while also reducing the bacteria on all hard surfaces.

The VE ozone cleaner uses ozone combined with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide for maximum effectiveness.

Choose one of the pre-set cycles:
S (Short) Up to 600 square feet 30 minutes
M (Medium) 600-1000 square feet 60 minutes
L (Long) 1000-1600 square feet 90 minutes

The cycle time can be set manually to up to 240 minutes so the VE can be used in rooms larger than 1600 square feet.

Check out the VE Certificates of Analysis, Mumps Lab Results and MERS Lab Results.

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