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Sani Sport Supreme

sports equipment cleaning machine
The Sani Sport Supreme ozone cleaning system promises the same bacteria-killing, odor-reducing results without consumables or liquids.
FEATURES of the Sani Sport Supreme:
  1. With an interior capacity of 35 cubic feet, Sani Sport has THE LARGEST LOAD CAPACITY in the industry.
  2. No consumables required!
  3. The equipment cleaning method used by Law Enforcement and Military Agencies to clean protective gear.
  4. Same easy to use system with a lower cost per cycle.
  5. Extremely durable stainless steel provides rugged construction.
  6. Caster wheels provide easy mobility for the Sani Sport ozone cleaning system.
  7. Dimensions: 23" deep X 45" wide x 67" high.
  8. Clean hockey equipment, football equipment and other protective gear in just twelve minutes!
  9. No piping, drains or external hookups required for any Sani Sport ozone cleaning system.

Sani Sport Ultrasonic Advantage: New patent pending technology that supercharges the ozone for the highest level of efficiency! The Sani Sport Ultrasonic Advantage vibrates ozone molecules to ensure sports equipment stays safer for a longer period of time.

Sani Sport Drymax: Dryer designed specifically for sports equipment and protective gear.

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military equipment cleaning machine
sports equipment cleaningfootball equipment cleaningmilitary equipment cleaning