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NHL equipmentNHL equipmentNHL equipment

NHL Equipment

27 professional teams use the Sani Sport to clean their NHL hockey equipment at their home rink or training facility. The following teams trust Sani Sport to clean their NHL equipment:

- Anaheim Ducks
- Boston Bruins
- Buffalo Sabres
- Calgary Flames
- Carolina Hurricanes
- Chicago Blackhawks
- Colorado Avalanche
- Dallas Stars
- Edmonton Oilers
- Florida Panthers
- LA Kings
- Montreal Canadiens
- Minnesota Wild  
NHL equipment - Nashville Predators
- New Jersey Devils
- New York Rangers
- Ottawa Senators
- Philadelphia Flyers
- Phoenix Coyotes
- Pittsburgh Penguins
- San Jose Sharks
- St. Louis Blues
- Tampa Bay Lightning
- Toronto Maple Leafs
- Vancouver Canucks
- Washington Capitals
- Winnipeg Jets

The following are comments from NHL Head Equipment Managers:

Bert Godin - Head Equipment Manager, St-Louis Blues

"I liked the machine so much I purchased two myself. When we run the team's equipment through it, they just love it and continually ask for it to be done again and again."

Rip Simonick - Head Equipment Manager, Buffalo Sabres

"The machine has been extremely helpful in terms of protecting our players from injuries. We also find that the equipment itself lasts longer and is in better condition because of the Sani Sport Treatment."

Pierre Gervais - Head Equipment Manager, Montreal Canadiens

"The Sani Sport has been great for our players. We evaluated all the machines and technologies and the Sani sport is by far the one that's best for our equipment and our players. It's the only machine that we trust in terms of safety for our staff."


NHL equipment
NHL equipmentNHL equipmentNHL equipment